A little throwback to the first collaboration we did with one of our favorite photographers, Fire, Wood and Earth.

Two words came to our mind when we first heard their brand name and saw their photographs: original and honest.

The guy behind the lens (hi, Andre!) always successfully captures the raw and fleeting moments on his photos, be it emotions, expressions, or simply the surrounding nature of the scenes where the photos are taken. The end result of his photos seem to convey romanticism and otherworldliness in an authentic and somewhat magical way. You can see some of their works here.

So when we were asked to assist them with their booth design for the annual premium wedding exhibition, Bridestory Fair, back in February 2017, we joyfully accepted their invitation and came up with something that we thought is suitable for their style: nothing too elaborate, nothing too over-the-top, something simple but everything is put in place with deliberate purpose and precision. And of course, something original.


FWE BSF'17 (9)

FWE BSF'17 (12)FWE BSF'17 (22)FWE BSF'17 (20)

FWE BSF'17 (2)

FWE BSF'17 (11)

FWE BSF'17 (10)

FWE BSF'17 (8)

FWE BSF'17 (14)

FWE BSF'17 (16)FWE BSF'17 (3)

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